It's time to throw that BASH you've always wanted to host.

BASH is your premier party planning service in Central Florida. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, planning an end-of-season sports celebration, or throwing an epic birthday or retirement party, we’ll make it a BASH! Your vision will come to life in countless details and obsessive perfection. 

party people, let me grab your attention:

Dinner party? Girls' night? End-of-season sporting event celebration? We’ll step in only where you need help and make it a BASH to remember. 

Petit BASH

Blowout BASH

Birthday party? Retirement party? Graduation party? Surprise party? Now, that’s our kind of BASH! Your theme will truly come to life as we handle everything from start to finish.

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Somewhere-In-Between BASH

Your BASH doesn't have to fit in a box! From bijou to blowout, we can customize the size and approach of any party. 

Pricing will be customized based on your BASH.

"that's what life is all about: let's have a party. let's have it tonight."

—Lilly pulitzer

“My surprise party was over-the-top special, thanks to Laura. She doesn’t miss a thing. We’re still talking about it.” 

surprise party


“Anything put together by Laura is going to blow you away. She thinks of everything and then some.” 


Birthday party

“Laura can take anything and make it into something special or memorable. She is beyond talented, creative, and detail-oriented! A must-use for an unforgettable event of any kind!” 

Dinner party


Let's throw a BASH!

"that's what life is all about: let's have a party. let's have it tonight."

—Lilly pulitzer

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